Totalmente A Mano

Made, Not Manufactured

We follow Cuban traditions, so the most important tools at our rolling tables are not mechanical, but human. Our cigars are made completely by hand (totalmente a mano), using only a few basic tools to cut, seal and shape the tobacco. From there, quality testing happens in rounds, using only a single hand-operated machine to test the draw — air’s ability to move through each cigar.

Our Factory

Our Estelí factory is a vibrant, wide-open space — an ideal environment for cigar making. Fermented tobacco has room to breathe, and so do the people who meticulously build every Atsiniki cigar. We don’t believe in tight quarters and strict quotas. Instead, we work by a different rule: Taking good care of our people makes for better quality cigars.

Our Makers

The people who make Atsiniki cigars are skilled craftsmen who love Estelí. They’re proud to call such a beautiful region home, and to share its richness through the fruits of careful labor. Their stories are our story; our mutual respect for well-crafted tobacco is our common ground. From the hands that roll every stick to the masterful eye of those testing for quality, our people’s expertise makes all the difference in our cigars.

Our Method

From leaf selection to fermentation and aging, every step of making an Atsiniki cigar is guided by generations-old tobacco farmers and our Master Blenders. Every step is hand-done, each cigar hand-tested and measured for quality. By the time each cigar is finished, up to 350 careful hands have influenced the final product.

Making cigars is a the environment and to the smokers. We have to take care of both.

-Arsenio Ramos, Original Master Blender