Southern Soul

Blended Culture

Much like North American tobacco is heavily influenced by Native American culture, Nicaraguan tobacco carries an undeniable Cuban influence. Many strains and seeds growing today came directly from Cuba to Nicaragua where growing conditions are ideal. The volcanic Nicaraguan soil produces a unique tobacco flavor that cannot be found anywhere else.

Welcome to Estelí, Nicaragua

Estelí — the site of our factory and some of our tobacco farms — hums with warmth and life. Near our small cigar factory, mango trees grow wild. That same rich soil produces time-tested strains of uniquely-flavored tobacco, providing livelihood for cigar makers young and old. In every way, Estelí is fertile ground for growth. 

Approximately 150 km to the northeast of Estelí lies Jalapa—where the remainder of our tobacco is grown. Here the land produces tobacco of extraordinary quality, comparable with the rich tobacco from Cuba’s Vuelta Abajo.